Farrer Memorial Agricultural High School

Copyright Policy


Copyright is the legal means by which creators control the use of their work and is granted by the Australian Copyright Act,1986. In Australia copyright is automatic and does not require registration.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that Farrer Memorial Agricultural High School staff and students uphold the rights of creators by complying with the above legislation.

What is protected?

Materials protected by copyright are categorised into works and other subject matter. Works include artistic, literary, musical and dramatic works. Other subject matter is comprised of films, sound recordings, broadcasts and published editions.

Duration of protection

From 1 January, 2005 the length of protection provided by the Act was extended to either the lifetime of the creator plus 70 years, or 70 years after the calendar year end of the first publication (specific details can be found at www.smartcopying.edu.au).


Licence Material Covered
a Part VB Statuary Licence with the Copyright Agency Limited (CAL) Copying and communication of Text and Artistic works.
b Part VA Statuary licence with Screenrights Copying Television, Cable and Radio Broadcast
c Voluntary Licence with Australasian Performing Rights Association (APRA) Performing Music in Public
d Voluntary Licence with Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society (AMCOS)/ Australian Record Industry Association (ARIA) Recording Music and School Performance of Music
e AMCOS Voluntary Licence Photocopying originally purchased ‘Print’ Music

Copying limits

Hard copy:

A reasonable portion of the print form of most works may be copied for educational purposes. A reasonable portion is considered to be:
•10% or one chapter of a print work
•one article in a periodical, or more if they are on the same specific subject matter
•a literary work of 15 pages or less that is contained within an anthology

Electronic reproduction:
•when a work is communicated in electronic form it should be made available only on a password protected site.
•The limits listed above also apply to electronic copies

Note: an entire work that is not available within a reasonable time may be copied in full (six months for a textbook and 30 days for other material).

Television, cable and radio broadcast:

Staff are permitted to copy and communicate television and radio broadcasts, including cable and satellite broadcasts, for educational purposes. Podcasts and vodcasts which have been broadcast free to air may also be copied. Staff may not copy commercially made films or documentaries which have been purchased.


Works on websites are subject to copyright limitations. Staff and students should adhere to mandatory copyright requirements when using material from the internet. There are four instances when these requirements do not apply:
•Material created by you or the NSW DEC
•Free for education material.

Further details regarding these exceptions can be viewed at: https://detwww.det.nsw.edu.au/it/learnsyssupport/bloged/faqs/mediacopyright.htm#6._Do_ I_need_to_know_about_copyright?

Farrer staff and students should be particularly conscious of requirements when posting to blogs or wikis.

Other works:

Copying guidelines for other licences can be found at: Handbook for School Libraries (2008) http://www.curriculumsupport.education.nsw.gov.au/schoollibraries/index.htm

Copyright exceptions

There are a range of websites which provide copyright free material for use by schools, thus Farrer staff can access materials from these sites without concern for copyright limits or payment of royalties.
•NSW DEC created content
•Creative Commons material – schools can use much of the material on the site for educational purposes if the owner of the resource is acknowledged: www.creativecommons.org An information sheet is available at: www.smartcopying.edu.au
•NEALS material – The National Education Access Licence for Schools allows for schools to use a range of resources free of copyright restrictions. NEALS material must carry the NEALS logo.

Creating copyright material at school

•The DEC owns the copyright on all material created by staff while employed by the DEC. This includes work created by the staff member in his/her own time for their employment with the DEC.
•The copyright on work created by a student is owned by the student. However, the DEC or Farrer can use the work for educational purposes. Permission must be given by the student for further use of the work eg. publication in the newsletter or on the school’s website.

Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property Rights – ICIPR is a reference to Indigenous people’s rights to own and control their heritage. Further information on ICIPR can be found at



Farrer staff and students who use material subject to copyright must identify the creator clearly and prominently. To assist in compliance with the Act, the library has template letters requesting permission for use of copyright material and guidelines for labels to be applied to electronic copies eg. DVDs.

Breach of copyright

Breaches of copyright will be referred to the Mr Comi.

Further information